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just for the case you plan your holiday trip by plane... leave your guitar at home... Enjoy!



ok, very very long time nothing happend on our Airstream Project... nearly one year nothing - absolutly nothing happend... But now it does!! First I installed a Sideboard on the streetside and even the new kitchen is now painted white and ready to be installed... The plan is to have Dave on the campground mid of june! Not ready to live in, but outside and in the sun... As some of you know, I was still in need of two windows on the curbside. Daniel from Airstream4u in Hamburg helped me out with the small window right of the door and the large window at the kitchen. Windows are a really hard and not very cheap find on this side of the big pond, but sometimes you just gotta know the right people! Thanks Daniel. always a great help and even greater source for help and parts... I was at Daniels workshop in the near of hamburg last week and came just in time for the delivery of a very nice 60's Trailer. I guess it is a Tradewind or Overlander but I am not sure and forgot to take a look at the Tag... Damn... But take a look your self...


Welcome on april 1st 2008

This is so cool, it was published today on The Telegraph Homepage... Enjoy!!


No News...

Sorry, I promised to keep this blog updated, but I didn't...

So, to keep it short - there are no news! I was too busy at work and had no time to work on the Airstream. At the moment it is also just way too cold in the hangar, so I am waiting probably until March before I start working on the Interior and the shell again. We'll see...


New Flooring!!

The past three weekends were really great!! The first weekend I painted the whole interior walls in bright shiny white and the last two weekends I installed the new laminat flooring. It is such a good feeling to see some progress. Unfortunately I took the ceiling panel out again and damaged it... Well, that's the chance for a new ceiling design! We decided to put polished stainless steel in, which will have some 12V spots for a basic illumination. Hope you enjoy the pics...


Dave looks like an Airstream again...

We are making some progress... Last weekend most of the interior walls came back in and it starts looking like an Airstream again.
We are on a tight scedule now, as we plan to have Dave on the Airfields Campground in June. Probably without the front dinette and maybe without kitchen, but we'll have at least the bathroom, a bed and the fridge for cold beer inside. The rest will be installed while on the camping, but otherwise Dave would probably spend another summer in the hangar... Until June we only have a few weekends and maybe a whole week in may for all the work, but it should be possible. Hopefully I'll have a week off of work in may during the dutch nationals in gliderflying that will be held at the Stendal Airfield from the 18th to the 27th of may. The arrival of the 55 teams will be from the 12th of may and there will be 2 days of training before the competition starts on the 18th. We hope to have Daves roll-out on the 27th of May. As always - we will see...



Ok folks,

this is Message that Rachel posted yesterday on Airstreamforums.com... Please keep your eyes open and help finding "The Twink"!!



Sometime in February 2007, my beloved 1975 Airstream Argosy camper disappeared. It was earned the name of “Twink” because of its keen resemblance to a Twinkie, hence this priceless photo I took while on my road trip. The Twink has taken me many places, from mountains to desserts to beaches to cities and every wacky redneck town in between.

So imagine the horror when I drove by to check on the TWINK in the parking lot where I had parked it all year and… it wasn’t there!!! “No sweat,” I thought, “it must have been towed.” But when the police had no records of any towing or abandoned vehicle reports, the terrible truth hit me. My Twink had been stolen.

I am DEVASTATED. The TWINK means so much to me, has taken me so many places and I had pictured traveling with it for years to come. I had dreamed of making the TWINK into a career somehow - pitching some book ideas, maybe trying to get a show, a sponsorship perhaps… And now it’s gone. Someone has to know something. Please help me find the TWINK!

Last year I kind of lost my marbles from working too hard. I had a successful marketing company in Philly, but I really needed to get away. While some people choose a nice vacation, I decided to blow all of my money on a vintage 1975 Airstream Argosy camper, trade in my Jetta for a Ford F150 and hit the road for a few months. Here’s the story: (Philadelphia Weekly Cover Story)
Here’s a Holiday Photo Shoot We Did in It: (Rachel’s Guide Holiday Photo Shoot)

TWINK Description:

VIN 24D5V1022
Plate # XCB9560
Title # 63036278001FU
•24’ 1975 Airstream Argosy Camper Trailer
• Beige Exterior with Orange Trim & Brown Bumper
• Large ARGOSY Logo Over Back Window
• Pimp 70’s Interior with Olive Green Countertops & “Airplane” Overhead Compartments
• Kitchen & Diner Booth that Converts into a Bed, Bedroom with Dresser, Bathroom with Shower
• Cushions are light green with pastel yellow & green stripes on some sides.
• Some Camping & Kitchen Supplies in the Cabinets
• 70’s Vintage Playboy Magazines in the Magazine Rack (essential for any road trip!)
Identifying Features:
- chipped paint over the Argosy logo on the front, top rounded part of the vehicle. The silver shows through, almost like freckles.
•Rusty step for the front door, one side of the step sometimes broken
• Broken shelf in the bathroom closet
• Couch off of the tracks when you try to convert it into a bed
• The pantry closet in the kitchen won’t stay closed
• Wax in the kitchen sink from melted candles

If seen or found, please contact your local police department and then me. You are welcome to remain anonymous.
Rachel: 215.888.8885 | rachel@rachelinc.com
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